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Recent Installations

After installing hundreds of classical and church organs, we still proudly share our most recent customers.


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Large Church...
When St. Anselm's in Chesterland, Ohio, built their new, twelve-hundred seat church in 2004, necessity required that we re-install their aging organ from the "old" church.  In late 2016, we installed a new Viscount 'Sonus' Organ for St. Anselm's.  The sound of the new organ in this highly resonant church is nothing short of breathtaking. In co-operation with and having the insight of the church's pastor, Fr. Thomas Sweany, all of us were confident that this new installation would be outstanding (which it is!)  Lastly, the new organ completes the interior décor of the new church in that the new church has all light oak furnishings which the finish of the console of the new organ was built to match. This replaces the old organ console which had a dark oak finish and "stuck out like a sore thumb" in the new church.   
St. Anselm1  St. Anselm 2 
Medium Church...
The people of Faith Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Avon, Ohio, built a new church a few years ago.  At that time, there was no budget for a new organ.  Recently, we showed the folks there how beautiful, cost-effective, and affordable a new Viscount Organ would be.  Once they heard a new Viscount 'Unico' Organ for themselves, they became believers.  In addition, they realized that a new organ for Faith Lutheran Church would now be a realistic possibility for them since Viscount Organs are much for affordable than over-priced instruments from some competitors, some of which still utilize thirty year-old technology.  As with all Viscount Organs, the Faith Lutheran organ offers hundreds of pipe organ voices and organ styles (as well as orchestral voices) from which the organist may choose at any time with the simple push of a button. 
Faith Lutheran organist Janet Guda is delighted with their new organ and so are the members of the congregation.  The congregation is so happy to hear the sound of a fine organ in their church once again.  And, they didn't have to "break the bank" to get this wonderful organ!  
Faith Lutheran  Faith Lutheran 2 
Small Church...
In 2016, the old organ at Crooked Creek Presbyterian Church in Ford City, Pennsylvania "died".  Furthermore, trying to repair the old organ was neither prudent or realistic.  The folks at Crooked Creek chose a new Viscount Organ instead.  The Viscount model they chose fit both the space they had available for a new organ console and their budget for a new organ (which was under ten thousand dollars and included a fine, real-presence external organ sound system as well as expert design and installation by Gerard's).  We were honored to be chosen by the fine people of this smaller, rural congregation.  
crooked creek 1  Crooked creek 2 
When accomplished Columbus, Ohio, organist Jeff Goodwin wanted an organ to play at home, he found that making a decision as to which organ he should get was easy. Given Jeff's familiarity with and love of pipe organ sound, he found that Viscount delivers the finest non-winded, traditional pipe organ sound in a variety of model choices, one of which is just right for just about everyone.  Jeff realized early on in his organ selection process that, when it comes to sound quality and value, Viscount Organs are unsurpassed. 
Congratulations, Jeff! 
Jeff Goodwin